COP OUT Pierogies

350 Butler Street Etna, PA 15223 MAP (412) 973-0068

Cooking Instructions


To Cook Cop Out Pierogies:

Boil- Bring water to a rapid, rolling boil. Boil 2 quarts for 1/2 dozen , 3 quarts  for a full dozen. Drop Pierogies into the rolling boil. When they rise to the top after 2 or 3 minutes they are ready for the pan with butter, or can be served w/out frying

Bake @ 350  degrees for approx 10 minutes- Flip 1/2 way through 

Air Fry- Follow your Air Fryers instructions or spray with Pam or brush with butter @ 350 degrees for 6 minutes.  

 Dessert/ or Regular  Pierogies:
 Deep fryer or pan of oil that is 350 degrees. When the Pierogies are crisp and browned to your liking on both sides, remove from hot oil. Decorate the pierogies to your liking. 

350 Butler Street, Etna, PA 15223
Phone: (412) 973-0068
Hours: Wednesday-Thursday-Saturday 11am - 3pm, Friday 11am - 4:30 pm
Please check fine print of Groupon's for frozen pierogies and haluski only

“It’s not a party till the cops show up."